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Beauty Tips


Have you thought about the product you have been putting in your hair? All the products we love that make our hair shiny, bouncy, and beautiful can leave buildup! We recommend treating your hair once a week with a clarifying shampoo, such as our favorite, Scruples. This gets rid of the buildup and helps restore natural shine to the hair. Let us select the best clarifying for you!


Most clients don't think about everything that goes into selecting the best color for you. Your personality, your skin tone, your level of maintenance you want to deal with, are all things to think about. Do you want your color to walk, talk, or shout? Are you able to maintain your color regularly? What color looks best on you? These are all questions to think about and things that your Dream Team Stylist will help you answer! 


Keeping your nails healthy keeps you looking and feeling your best. At home, be sure to use lotions daily to keep moisture in your hands and feet. Lotioning up your your hands and feet followed by socks and mittens helps keep moisture in. Just as in hair, keeping your nails regularly clipped helps prevent damage. Not only is it healthy for your nails, but it is always relaxing to get a manicure and pedicure regularly. Check out our combo special; we also offer pedi loyalty cards, so you can earn free pedicures! Ask your Dream Team Stylist!


We love watching other stylists, professional or otherwise! They have great techniques and ideas to share. This is a great tool for us as well as you. 


This is a great and easy tutorial for fall leopard nails! Check it out :)

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